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👋 Hello! I'm Kuizuo

🧑 University Student, from China

👨‍💻 Code enthusiasts, write projects of interest, Hope to contribute to the open source community

🌱 Keep learning, hoping to learn unlimit possibilities in a limit time

🐛 I have written crawlers for a long time, learned the reverse of Web and Android, and now focus on the full stack of js/ts, and continue to develop for a long time.

🤔 Why is it called Kuizuo

Kuizuo, guilty, ashamed. This is also the meaning I want to express by using this name.

I used to feel guilty and distressed by some wrong practices. I want to keep motivating myself with this name, reflect on the past, and don't want to live up to so many things I've experienced again, that's all.

🛠 Tech Stack

JavaScript TypeScript Python Vue React Node.js NestJs Vite Nuxt Git GitHub Docker Mysql MongoDB Redis Electron Miniprogram Reverse HTTP

☎️ Contact me